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Online Training Vs Online Classes!??

DRD Training Our Blog Online Training Vs Online Classes!??

With online training growing in popularity – I want to talk about the difference between training online with a Trainer (like what yours truly does), vs utilizing online classes (like Daily BurnLes Mills, etc). I feel there are PLENTY of pro’s and con’s of both and I am happy to share ALL with you!

First – there is a LOT of noise online about the best platforms and apps to use when it comes to online classes. Certainly, there is no shortage of them to pick from. Many if not all offer a variety of classes and formats to choose from – from heavy weights to HIIT to yoga and much more! This makes it very easy to pick something that fits your mood for the day! Great, right!? Well, perhaps – but if you are part of an online community and utilize an actual trainer that knows you by name and knows your goals – he or she won’t let you phone it in! If your goal is to drop 5 pants sizes in 3 months and you have a trainer (and online community) supporting that goal, they won’t let you do yoga 4x a week! You will be doing a workout that is part of a bigger plan and purpose.

1 point for our online trainer!

Online classes are great – you can use them whenever you want, right?! Sure, technically you can. BUT if you go MIA for 4 days and don’t join your classes – guess who is NOT getting an email!!? Online classes – if you don’t show up, no one cares! That’s not to say you can’t take time off from a real trainer or anything, but if you have a community (IE, real live humans) supporting your fitness journey, a real trainer that knows your goals, trust me when I say you are going to be far more committed to showing up with your best self every day!

1 point for our online trainer!

Online classes are cheap! Ok, we can give this point to the online class platforms of the world! But wait, can we?! Technically inexpensive, yes, pound for pound a great value – NO! I would look at this the same way I explain it to my private kickboxing students: Working with an expert directly might cost more upfront, but you are going to get so much better, so much faster than poke around with different classes, different styles etc. 1-on-1 with a real human, they will get you where you want to go faster!

1 point for our online trainer!

If you are keeping score, that puts the online trainer at 3 points…!

Lets say that you are convinced that an online community and trainer is the right avenue for you – first: WONDERFUL! Second, with my platform you will be able to do all workouts because you won’t need any special equipment to follow along. If you have the basics (IE, yoga mat, resistance bands and/or small-medium dumbbells, a chair, a towel, and a water bottle!), everything lives inside of those items. If you don’t, I have put together a ‘Home Gym in a Box’ kit that includes resistance bandsstretching strap, water bottle, and more that will have you covered for everything we do! Contact me for purchase – and of course its yours to keep! If you have a nice variety of equipment already and don’t need the Home Gym in a Box kit – training with me is only $24 per household, per month! No Contracts! No excuses! 

About the Author: Dale De Steno is the owner/operator of DRD Training and creator of mini workout challenges ‘Fitness Roulette’ (download for FREE here )! Join me for IRL outdoor bootcamps, online Zoom training, and/or 1:1 Kickboxing/Boxing! Full list found here! Join my private & fun Facebook Group!


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