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DIY Home Gym for Any Space and Any Budget!

DRD Training Uncategorized DIY Home Gym for Any Space and Any Budget!

You may (or may) not know I do some videos for a corporate wellness company called BurnAlong. I can record virtually any topic I want as long as it relates to working out, weight loss, and any wellness topics! Generally speaking, I always do topics around 30-minute-or-less workout plans, kickboxing & boxing techniques, stretching, etc – but I did one a couple of months ago titled ‘Home Gyms for Any Budget & Space’ – and it ended up being the most-watched video that I have done for BurnAlong.

Since I can’t share the video (they own the rights), I can recap everything here! So lets start with the ‘starter level’, and go to mid level, and lastly the full meal deal. Again, this is for folks with limited space and, for arguments sake, a limited budget!

Starter Level! If you are just starting to either workout, or just starting to add tools and equipment, you really don’t need that much stuff to be able to have an effective workout even if you just have 5 feet of floor space and $50 to spend!

Yoga Mat = Starting at $17 on Amazon. There are a handful of reasons to workout on a mat outside of just yoga (see more on the topic here), but if you have carpet, or hardwood floors, or you just don’t want to sweat on your living room floor, this is a good avenue to take!

Resistance Bands = a set ranging from light-medium-heavy will run $27 on Amazon. The list of moves you can do (here) is HUGE! They take up very little space, they are portable, and they……say it with me….they WORK!

Ab Wheel = a very inexpensive core-building product that has a variety of uses (here). This little doo-dad will only cost about $14 on Amazon. If you haven’t tried one, your abs will both love you and hate you for it! Plus, the ab wheel and the yoga mat work swimmingly together!

Starter Package – Under $60! This is equipment that will last quite a while and the investment is generally less than the price of 1 month at the gym! Tomorrow I will outline the Mid-Level home gym, and Friday the Advanced level!

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DIY Home Gym Level-Up! Intermediate Package!

Welcome back! If you spend time with me, you know I want to make limited resources a non-issue when it comes to working out and staying in shape! Even though the outdoor bootcamps have started to incorporate equipment, we did almost 3 months outside with nothing more than the human body and mother earth! But today lets take a look at part 2 of 3 (part one of this topic can be found here).

Mid range DIY home gym starts to add in actual weights. Even though yours truly does believe in body weight training, it is nice to start adding more and more resistance for faster and larger gains! Again, we are working on a budget and we have limited space, so lets see what to add to our new gym!

Mid-Range Dumbbells – $26.50 on Amazon for the pair (12#). We will get to heavier stuff in a minute, but for now, lets add on versatile weight dumbbells. For me, despite having everything from 1# to 40# dumbbells, I find myself going to the 12# the most (20#’s probably second). Back flies, tricep extensions, alternating lunges, bicep curls,and a bunch of other stuff can be done effectively with mid-range dumbbells!

Heavy Kettlebell – 40# for $50 on Amazon (which is a steal!). Even if 40# doesn’t sound like an overall ton of weight, trust me when I say you will feel this puppy the next day. Swings, squats, figure 8’s, and the list goes on!

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Balance Ball – Starting at $20 on Amazon. The uses for these – forget it – we could have a 20 page list I am sure! Decline push ups, seated curls, seated shoulder press (remember those mid-range weights?!), pyke push ups, I could go on and on! This and the mid range weights go hand and hand – plus if you want to get the ball out of the way for a while, just deflate it and throw it under the bed! Most of them come with pumps so no extra expense!

By my count, that is around $100 for all of these goodies! You are well on your way to serious fitness at home! Join me for part 3 of this in the coming days where we will look at more advanced tools and toys! Enjoy!

DIY Home Gym – Advanced Package!

Lets take a look at a few more highly effective products that won’t take up tons of space and won’t break the bank! So far in parts 1 and 2 you notice that we really haven’t added tons and tons of weights, dumbbells, or barbells – with the exception of mid-range dumbbells and a heavier kettlebell; that is all by design, remember this is an outline for a home gym both on a budget and for limited space! If you join me this fall for online bootcamps via ZOOM, the only ‘requirements’ I have for you to join the workouts is more or less the items in part 1 of this series. No tractor tires, no rooms in your house dedicated to gym space, no treadmills, just the items listed here!

TRX Suspension Trainer – $129 on Amazon….BUUUUUTTTTTT, remembering that we are on a budget – your truly purchased a Gold Gym Suspension Trainer System off of Walmart.com for $40 shipped!! If you want the brand name and a few more smallish items, go for the big daddy, but if you want the basics, the Gold Gym will work fine! Mine came with a door mount that goes on top of virtually any door so you don’t need to actually install it permanently or anything. The list of exercises is endless – for both cardio and strength training. Plus, if you know me, you know I LOVE balance-training, which is built in to the fold!

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Pull Up Bar – starting at $30 on Amazon. There are plenty of options for pull up bars out there, and if you know me, I LOVE pull ups (mostly because of the almost-immediate benefits you realize from them). You can get a door mounted bar that is easy to put up and take down when you need it. Personally, I believe everyone can and should do pull up training. They have believed for ages that the human body was meant to climb, but clearly today climbing is NOT in our everyday routine or anything!!

Foam Roller – starting at $10 on Amazon. Clearly NOT an advance product or anything so go ahead and add this whenever you want, but the benefits are huge! These can help with everything from loosening up pre-workout, or working out pain-points after a workout, or just for fun!

So there you go! $80 total for ALL OF THAT! All of these products take a little getting used to and you will want to work your way up to them, but the benefits, gains, and variety of uses are HUGE! Of course, if you don’t want to buy and store all of that stuff, just join me for a bootcamp IRL or online training! Better yet!! Enjoy!

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About the Author: Dale De Steno is the owner/operator of DRD Training and creator of mini workout challenges ‘Fitness Roulette’ (download for FREE here )!
Join me for IRL outdoor bootcamps, online Zoom training, and/or 1:1 Kickboxing/Boxing! Full list at DRD Training! Join my private & fun Facebook Group!


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