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The Holidays Vs. Your Waistline!

DRD Training Our Blog The Holidays Vs. Your Waistline!

Turkey! Stuffing! Pumpkin Pie! Christmas Cookies! Egg Nog! Oh my! There is no shortage of treats to be had! Can you indulge AND maintain your fitness goals? Let’s talk about it!

First, do you have fitness goals? Not weight loss goals, per se, but fitness goals: 3 online workouts per week + walk on the treadmill 2 days. That sort of thing! I highly recommend getting an accountability partner, writing down and sharing your goals, and/or enrolling in online fitness classes! Hey, I know a good online gym!

My weight loss journey began one November years ago, I signed up for a Holiday Weight Loss Challenge at my then-gym and had no idea how much my life was about to change. The challenge was fundamentally easy, weigh-in at less weight in January than you did in November! I was committed to the challenge, I lost 10 pounds during that 6-week time frame, and I decided I wasn’t stopping there!

Back to the holidays and their tasty, sinful temptations! Last month I wrote a blog post titled Happy Paleo Thanksgiving which proved to be popular so I feel this should follow the same format!

Holiday get togethers will probably look different in this dumpster fire of a year! If you find yourself at gatherings – seek out the following snacks!

Seek out…!

Spiced nuts & seasoned nuts! NOT candied or sweeten nuts! These two are wildly different, but both are wonderful treats! Depending on the exact type of nuts, 1/4 cup will be in the 200 calorie club, 4 grams of protein, and 8-14 carbs! Not bad!

Dark Chocolate! The health benefits of this amazing treat runs the gambit, from lowering the risk of heart disease to minerals and antioxidants! Seek out the darkest and purest chocolate you can find and avoid the sugary crap!

Lean meats! Yours truly is very Italian, so this where I live! An entire list of nutritional info can be found here! The moral of the story – lots of protein, few carbs, and tons of flavor! Go crazy!

Say ‘Cheese‘! Ok, that was a cheesy joke! Did you know that some cultures use cheese as a dessert? Between a few pieces of fine cheese and dark chocolate, that should stuff those corners nicely! Perhaps don’t pile it on your plate, but certainly, enjoy a few!

Lastly, the veggie platter! This one goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway! My general rule of life is ‘eat meat, eat veggies, drink water’. As a broad-strokes rule, the darker the color, the more nutrients. Cauliflower doesn’t think it needs to follow this rule – what a rebel. An entire list of vegetable goodies can be found here!


Sorry friends – its probably best this delicious and tempting treat is only available a month or two out of the year – but Egg Nog is on the naughty list! Just 1 cup of this treat boasts 350 calories and 35 carbs! Its like drinking lunch, sans the nutritional of a salad with chicken! ha!

You were probably going to avoid this disaster anyway, but fruit cake! Just say no! Enough said!

Candied Nuts! As much as I hate to say it, they might be nuts, but they aren’t healthy! For example, take a piece of celery, and add a mini-Snickers to it and call it a vegetable. Follow me? Not the same, sadly! However, there are worst treats you could have so mix in a few and you will be good to go! Only the Grinch would tell you to avoid them all together!!

There you have it – a down and dirty snapshot of how to handle Christmas parties! A wise person once told me that fitness is 70% diet and 30% working out! Another told me that abs are made in the kitchen! Whether those are hard and fast rules or not, they are certainly a good benchmark to live by!

About the author: Dale De Steno is a Certified Fitness Trainer, avid stretcher, long time kickboxer, dad, husband, and bad-joke teller! He and his wife/training partner run DRD Training LLC together; a virtual gym and personal training studio offering bootcamps, core/ab classes, and 1:1/small group training! Schedule your first free bootcamp here!


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