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New Year, New Scams!

DRD Training Our Blog New Year, New Scams!

It’s that time of year again! ‘New New, New You’ crap at its finest! Get on your social media, or turn on your TV and find 100’s of new products, new diets, and new gyms that promise everything for nothing! Sit on the couch and lost 15 pounds of body fat instantly! Spot reduce your midsection and have a 6 pack by Valentine’s Day! Same thing. Every. Single. Year.

Crappy Ab Products!

Here is an awesome machine! For only $200 you can have a giant contraption that will sit in your basement and collect dust! OR, you can keep $185 of that money and invest in a real Ab Roller that actually works, takes up no space at all, and won’t end up in your Goodwill pile by Easter!

Crappy Cleanses!

Nothing beats pooping yourself into tomorrow! Why not try some woo-woo cleanse that guarantees you will have stomach pain for days?! Overall, yours truly says ‘no’ to cleanses, but I can say I know people that swear by them! Overall, I would rather see you using a tablespoon or two of bulking fiber before bed and see where that lands you!

Instead, Try…

We could go on and on about every amazing product and promise out there, but I want to keep this post short since today is New Year’s Eve after all! My advice, and probably any other trainers advice out there, get in a fitness program or hire a trainer to design something for you, and find a science-based diet that works for you! Our household follows a lower-carb, low-sugar diet loosely based on Mediterranean and Paleo diets. Personally, I HATE referring to our diet as a diet at all. It needs to become a lifestyle!

Fitness & a New You for the New Year!

Want a starter program to get you going? I would recommend starting with heavy stretching and overall body movement like walking, cycling, or running! Start there and you are halfway home! From there, I would go to foundational lifts and resistance training like squats, lunges, rows, and presses! NOTHING beats squats, chest presses, and pull-ups! Throw in some deadlifts and you are good to go! That’s a promise!

Peloton – Solving a Problem You Don’t Have

Lastly, let’s tackle Peloton head-on! Do you REALLY want to spend $1800+ on the bike and $XX on the monthly membership?? I was probably the number 1 person in the world AGAINST Peloton when it first came out, but I must say their ecosystem is amazing! The bikes are very high quality, and they are a easy to work with organization.

HOWEVER, yours truly has found the best of both worlds (IE, keeping $1500 in my pocket AND getting the benefits of well-thought-out cardio workouts). ‘HOW?’ you might say? While our household tends to love cardio and all things distance, we decided to buy a run-of-the-mill spin bike (here) for $300 shipped, and subscribe to the Peloton App for $13/month. Granted, we already know what we are doing on the bike after attending probably 250 spin class workouts when regular gyms were still a thing.

You call it – I know plenty of people that have the bike and use it regularly and absolutely swear by it; and I know people that have clothes and mail piled up on theirs. Fun fact, get a great cardio and strength workout at DRD Training from the comfort of your own home! Shameless self plug!

Online workouts and training

About the author: Dale De Steno is a Certified Fitness Trainer, avid stretcher, long time kickboxer, dad, husband, and bad-joke teller! He and his wife/training partner run DRD Training LLC together; a virtual gym and personal training studio offering bootcamps, core/ab classes, and 1:1/small group training! Schedule your first free bootcamp here!


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