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#WomenCrushWednesday #WCW Pregnancy Edition! #Repost

DRD Training Our Blog #WomenCrushWednesday #WCW Pregnancy Edition! #Repost

Welcome back to the second edition of WCW!  Before I get started, I want to preface that I am not a medical doctor/trainer/medical professional but a mother who greatly benefited from working out during pregnancy.  I understand that not all women are able to work out or choose to work out and that is equally respectable.  This is not meant to judge or shame women who do not follow this path.  

Now that we covered that, I want to share my personal journey through pregnancy and maintaining a healthy workout schedule.  Making time to work out during all the discomforts of being pregnant was no joke but oh was it so worth it!  During my pregnancy, I learned a lot about the benefits of working out, and with close consultation with my doctor, I was successful in working out 5 days a week!    

Here is how I personally benefited:

∙       With regular workouts, I had more stamina to get through the delivery.  I pushed for 37 mins after 15+ long hours of ‘back’ labor.

∙       I slept so much better on the nights that I worked out – I have always had issues with restful sleep but after a good 30-minute workout I was good to go!  

∙       My body bounced back so quickly after giving birth – in fact, a week after the delivery I was back to wearing my regular jeans!  

∙       I didn’t develop gestational diabetes – studies showed women who workout while pregnant significantly reduced the chances of developing it.

∙       Over several of my OB checkups, Elly’s heart rate continued to lower which the doctor indicated was a sign of a healthy heart attributed to my hard work in the gym.  Her heart was benefiting and conditioning from my workouts which made me push that much harder for her.

∙       Stress was significantly reduced due to the endorphins that are released after a good workout – the baby benefited from that as well.

Lastly, during my journey, I learned that working out helps maintain posture, stability, balance and strengthens the PELVIC FLOOR! 🡨 All mothers know what I am talking about here!  Not to mention, the muscles that were needed to help support the baby as she grew were ready for the challenge which reduced additional strain and pain on my body. Moral of the story – if you are pregnant, stay active! Walk, run, bootcamp, do yoga, Pilates, jazzercise, do something! You got this, girl!

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Before I go, I wanted to highlight a female bootcamper!!! Special shout out to Brittany Streich for showing up to boot camps and giving it her all!  Brittany is working out for TWO these days and we could not be more excited about her and Andy’s announcement that they are expecting a baby girl!  Congratulations on behalf of DRD Training and your fellow bootcampers! 

About WCW Author Chanell Leach-DeSteno! Chanell is a guest contributor every Wednesday for WCW and the bootcamper behind ‘Hardcore for a Hard Core’ ab & core routine at the end of almost all bootcamps! Center of the pic and behind her is highlighted bootcamper Brittany!


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